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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "UNTOUCHABLE" - Haunter

This song, “UNTOUCHABLE” by the pop band Haunter, is a bright, emotional song about dreams and wanting to experience more and get more out of the world you’re in. If you’re a person who feels like you’re made for more than you’re currently living, this song is for you. A defiant anthem for those who dream big, Haunter describes that feeling perfectly with lyrics like “I have to risk it all to get higher” and “it’s a race to the top of the world tonight.” This song invites you to take chances, to reach for more, to enjoy all that life has to offer. Even when the world tries to make you feel like you’re nothing, know that you’re worth so much more. As the song says: “we’re untouchable.”

“UNTOUCHABLE” is a rousing pop ballad full of bright, pulsating melodies and powerful lyrics. With a heavy electronic track balanced by smooth vocals, listeners are caught right from the beginning, sucked into the vibrant world that this song provides. After starting with an atmospheric melody, the beat kicks in as the first verse starts, a rhythmic instrumental layered with strong vocals. The pre-chorus builds the tension until the song explodes with energy in the chorus. With poignant yet singable lyrics, the chorus is the perfect combination of powerful music with an enthralling message. This pattern repeats as the song drops back into the second verse before returning to the pre-chorus and chorus. The song then slows down for the bridge, which keeps the tension simmering before building back up for one more visit to the chorus. Overall, with “UNTOUCHABLE,” Haunter has made an inspirational and addicting track that will instantly be on repeat!

Haunter is a pop band made up of guitarist Enoma Asowata, bassist Mark Schroeder, guitarist and keyboardist Mike Ray, and vocalist Lucy LeNoir. Working with Grammy nominated producer Tyler Smyth, they’ve developed their musical personality as a group since their first single, “Love You Better,” released in 2020. While pulling sonic inspiration from artists like Chvrches, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons, as well as occasional inspiration from more pop rock groups such as Jimmy Eat World and Paramore, Haunter has created their own unique sound that has captivated their listeners. With a goal of making connections with those listeners and with the belief that music is akin to love, Haunter is dedicated to creating and releasing music that touches on feelings that everyone around the world can relate to and appreciate. Click the links below to listen to more of their music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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