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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Untouchable" - Mel Senese

Mel Senese’s newest single, “Untouchable,” is a dose of self-empowerment that everyone could use now. The track is about having confidence in yourself and building it up in your loved ones, even during the hard times. The lyrics discuss matters ranging from being true to yourself without fear of judgment to mental health to financial struggles with empathy and a sense of hope. Mel’s positive outlook and playful attitude balance the track between being inspiring and authentic. While the lyrics are powerful, it is the singer’s delivery that makes the song. When Senese belts, “You’re untouchable,” it feels as though the artist is talking to you directly. It is a reminder we all need to hear. We are untouchable.

The instrumental and Senese's lyrics make for an incredibly effective song. The wailing of acoustic guitars as she belts, "See you walk through the fire" is sonically inspiring. It sounds reminiscent of artists like Rachel Platten's "Fight Song," with its anthemic quality and nurturing message. What is so special about Senese and co-writer Micheal Jung's lyricism is the manifestative quality they bring. When Mel sings, "Queen of my throne / Going at it alone," it encourages the listener to tell themselves that they, too, are queens of their thrones. Yet, the song also encourages reaching out for help—a positive message not nearly heard enough in mainstream music. Directly after the previous stanza, Mel delivers the lyric: "When I can't take anymore you'll see my name on your phone / You hold me down down down down." More people need to know that asking for help doesn't take away your strength but, if anything, enhances it. "Untouchable" is an encouraging track that tells us to be proud of who we are and honest with our needs. We need to do what we can to help ourselves and others, and Mel Senese's anthem urges us to do so.

"Untouchable" is Mel Senese's comeback track after a two-year hiatus, with numerous upcoming releases planned soon. The Chicago-based artist has officially released music since 2019, with her debut "Prey." "Prey," alongside most of the artist's discography, including the songs "Hell No!," and "Goodbye," are pop-rock bangers. Senese's biggest inspirations are the musical acts Pink and Paramore, which shine through her music with its big stadium-sized vocals and guitar-heavy aesthetic. Currently, the artist has over 150,000 streams on Spotify, and her career is only growing. She has performed on ABC7, been featured in the Chicago Tribune, and was named Chicacog's Big Break Champion in 2017. Mel says she "hope[s] you are ready for the storm of singles" coming your way this year, and her output is bound to be exciting. "Untouchable," along with Senese's other work is available to stream now.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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