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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Upstairs" -Sydne Strauss

Being young means doing what you want and Sydne Strauss is doing just that in her single “Upstairs”. This sexy dance-pop jam exudes confidence. The hyper-pop influences in this song make it fit for the club. It creates an atmosphere that feels just like a packed party. Loud music is thumping and yet the only thing that matters is the person you just locked eyes with.

The punching bass and technical production of this song make it danceable. Sydne is talented at production and incorporates distorted and overblown bass with clapping and warped plucking of guitar that mesh extremely well with her captivating vocals. Her voice is soft and pleasant yet sultry, keeping with the vibe of the song. Her lyric choices make “Upstairs” not only extremely catchy but danceable too. “Didn’t mean to stare// but I don’t fucking care// you can meet me later upstairs” is a lyric from the chorus that completely encapsulates the whole vibe into one catchy yet intense line. Sydne acknowledges the discomfort she places on her object of affection but also makes it abundantly clear this is the person she wants. The song comes to an end by fading out with very light instrumentation and Sydne’s muffled vocals from the bridge.

Sydne Strauss is a Taiwanese-American singer/songwriter and producer. She has always been involved with music in one way or another her entire life. She spent many years training her voice classically while performing and writing music. Once she graduated, she immediately moved out of her small town to pursue her career in California. She has been on a roll ever since, dropping well crafted singles and putting herself out there. Sydne writes, performs, and produces her music, giving it this raw and heartfelt vibe that I love. Her bustling production and vocal choices keep people in the mood to dance and have fun.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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