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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Vanish" - Jodi Valentin

Jodi Valentin has my heart in shambles with her song ‘Vanish’. It's a story of heartbreak in a failed relationship; where after it ends, the other person essentially “erases” you from their memory. “I can’t believe you would just vanish, like you were never really never really cared. The nerve of that jerk! I fricking love the phrasing in this song. It’s rage-inducing in the best way possible towards whoever did this to Valentin, while also being intensely vulnerable. Come get your next sad hours anthem here! I should probably mention that this song will probably make you dance and cry at the same time LOL. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about its powerful appeal!

If I were to describe the sound of ‘Vanish’ in one sentence, I would say it’s a liberating electro-pop tune with alluring synths and a sprinkle of sass. Valentin’s voice is so beautiful. She goes with the flow of the beat like she’s riding a wave that never crashes into the shore. When she sings, nothing stands in her way! This effortless display of emotion sweeps over you along with heartfelt lyrics. “Can’t shake you off my mind...I’m looking at your door, hoping you’ll come inside, and I’ll apologize.” DAMN! Hang on. If that doesn’t scream the people-pleaser mentality, I will riot. Based on this line, Valentin thinks she did something wrong, even though the other person is to blame for leaving her to pick up the pieces. It’s just like how sometimes we blame ourselves for things that others did. She’s truly dressed to impress with these bold moves!

From her work on ‘Vanish’ alone, why isn’t Jodi Valentin more famous right now?! Seriously, this Brooklyn-born pop artist has a knack for storytelling that’s equal parts evocative and catchy. Before launching her career, she attended NYU Clive Davis alongside artists like Maggie Rogers, Del Water Gap and Fletcher. Her music has had numerous TV show placements like in The Young and the Restless and All American. Her greatest influence is Taylor Swift, and I will say that I’m definitely getting 1989 vibes from her repertoire! Valentin has recently put out her new single, ‘Electric’ and it’s undoubtedly worth checking out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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