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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Walk This Way" - Jack Miller

Jack Miller's much-anticipated Bedroom Bops EP is two years in the making, with Walk This Way being the most recent addition to the project. This track is a bonified dreamer's ballad – elevated by Jack's poetic lyricism and shining vocals, listeners are sure to feel the warming sense of optimism this song is meant to invoke. Walk This Way conveys the oh so relatable feeling of wanting to unburden yourself from life's limitations in order to chase your dreams; a sentiment that is epitomized in the lines "take my hand we can get away, don't look down as we fly away to better days". This is a single listeners are sure to gravitate to and play on repeat, due in thanks to Miller's ability to relate to his audience through his whimsical lyrics and entrancing voice.

Walk This Way opens with an arpeggiated synth and tastefully layered guitar/strings sections before Jack's voice shines through on an early hook. The song's beat is reminiscent of 90s era hip hop with saturated/re-sampled drums that have an iconic swing to the groove. By combining this beat with the track's already groovy guitars and synth, Walk This Way provides listeners with a truly dynamic soundscape. The entire tune is basically the same progression with instrumental elements brought in and out to give the track an arrangement. With a strong hook, Jack's vocals emphasize this arrangement, so the continuous drum loop never feels repetitive. The song winds down with the same synth arpeggio from the intro, bringing everything full circle, and closing with a surprising solo bass outro to put a bow on it.

Jack Miller is an indie pop artist hailing from New York who known for his uniquely brilliant sound, best described as a fusion of varying genres. Jack's sound blends a bevy of different styles – like indie pop, alternative hip hop, RnB, and many more – to create a sonic amalgam for his audience's auditory consumption. Miller is a (relatively) recent college grad who has pivoted to focusing more on his music in the past year or so. After

seemingly trading study hall for studio time, Miller's discography has begun to grow (much to the delight of fans), and his musical career appears pointed on an upwards trajectory.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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