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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "War" - Jay Moussa-Mann

Whether through pop-culture references or personal experience, most are likely familiar with the mean-girl trope that exists worldwide. "War" by Jay Moussa-Mann explores this stereotype by using comparisons of an actual war with the battle that many face in social scenarios. Lyrics such as 'Champagne and dinner plates//Something on ice//And this is war//Your greatest weapon//Is you can be nice' not only produces a visual but also provides insight into how the artist can see through the façade of others- and she isn't interested in playing their game. While remaining steady in courage and tune, Moussa-Mann's newest alternative-pop single takes a liberated stand against the normalized victimization many have received through overdone acts of social malice.

A simplistic melody, "War" remains upbeat despite the artist's stated disdain towards the elitist, 'Gucci' wearing foes mentioned in the song. Although much of the song is used to express the artist's negative views of fake personas awakened at a party, she shifts the mood through her bridge, where the almost-wistful attitude of the song shifts to an electric, hopeful one. This portion of the song reminds listeners to 'raise your glasses' and continue pushing through, despite how challenging it can feel to be on the receiving end of societal exile. The ongoing metaphors paired with life-like visuals used throughout the lyrics create an uplifting anthem for anyone faced with the battle of social warfare.

Having grown up in both Turkey and the UK, Jay Moussa-Mann uses personal struggles to inspire her career and find belonging within her songs. After a lifetime of hard work, her talent was recognized when BBC Radio Tees showcased her music which ultimately became a turning point in her career. Local English stations showed Moussa-Mann immense support following her debut, helping the artist to propel her career forward. The unique alt-pop singer-songwriter has several songs and an album available to stream while she currently works on her second album.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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