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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Wasting All My Love" - Taylor D.

In Taylor D’s latest release “Wasting All my Love” her unrequited passion is far from wasted. She manages to take the bottled feelings of silent love and transform them into a beautifully expressive song. “Wasting All my Love” is a rendition of a dynamic everyone experiences, especially at the young age Taylor herself is. That is the story of rejection and an acceptance of it. It is vulnerable, so empathetically written that the listener cannot help but feel Taylor is speaking directly to them. And she is speaking to someone, that is clear. “Wasting All my Love” represents the last love letter this subject will ever receive, it is a painful but never reluctant goodbye. Her voice reflects this theme, it is gentle but her words make the strength of the singer clear. The melody matches her voice with a gentle ongoing tone present in much of the song. But, it is impressive beyond just how well it compliments her. This melody is the perfect balance of original and classical. The basis of it is Taylor’s own instruments, a soothing piano and guitar but with touches of modernity that find their way into the beginning of the song. She manages to avoid being overproduced while maintaining a professional and unique sound.

The song begins with a swaying beat that lasts only a moment before the immediately recognizable piano chimes in. It has the essence of a classic even before the chorus with repetitive chords that are impossible to avoid humming even after just one listen. After a moment of this piano solo, Taylor begins, “I see you every day” she sings. She begins the song, of course, in the midst of her love. She speaks of her various attempts to reach out to the subject of her admiration with no avail and of her supposed insignificance to them. Taylor seems to be trapped, unable to extinguish her love but also incapable of spreading it. However, she never makes the love she has to give the enemy. She never regrets her feelings, rather, she regrets they can’t be put to good use. “Here I am wasting all my love on you” the chorus begins. The start of the song implies it to be a solemn and lonely tale but with the third chorus this becomes evidently untrue. She sees her emotion as valuable, not as a weakness. “There you are wasting all your love on her” she resolves.

Taylor D. began writing songs when she was only thirteen, and within a year, she was making newspaper stories and gaining views by the thousands. As a self-taught pianist, singer, songwriter, and guitarist there’s nothing Taylor can’t do and there is nothing she hasn’t. In the past two years, she has released eleven singles, seven of them being in 2021 alone. And her labors have paid off. In 2022, she won artist of the year for First Choice Radio U.K. and a president Gaisce award. Her music has reached 99 countries and she has gained hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify. But even amidst her consistent growth she continues to give back. She has participated in several charitable events, most recently announcing her upcoming contribution to the Big Busk for Focus Ireland, a group whose intent is to build funds for unhoused people. Her kindness, commitment, and hard work are deservingly being noticed; don’t waste your love elsewhere, go stream Taylor D.!

Written By Hailey Schap



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