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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "wasting my time" - SAPPHIRE

"Wasting my time” by SAPPHIRE is a confident, upbeat pop anthem about knowing your worth and not wasting your time on someone who isn’t willing to commit to a relationship. With an upbeat tempo, synths, and layered harmonies, the song is a fun celebration of self-love and empowerment that'll have you dancing through every beat and singing along to lyrics that resonate with the strength of setting healthy boundaries and not letting someone else’s indecision get you down. It sets the tone for SAPPHIRE's new EP as a way for her to reclaim her passion for music after a tumultuous year of online hate.

The song starts with a building synth that then leads into a simple, catchy bassline that accompanies SAPPHIRE’s husky and silky vocals. She begins with saying “She’s pretty cute, I see it/But you could do better” telling us that her romantic interest is interested in another girl, which leads her to ask “why you wasting all of my time?” She’s confidently calling out the person, saying she’s not willing to put up with his nonsense and indecision, and if they want her, they have to put in the effort, instead of chasing after other girls. This leads into the chorus where she directly tells them “I’m falling for you/And I can’t keep wasting my time/I gotta let go” thus making the best choice for herself by moving on. It’s self-assured, matched with powerful vocals that place emphasis on “I can’t keep wasting my time.” The bridge switches up the sound of the song, with SAPPHIRE employing husky, crooning vocals that was a delightful surprise in the song. Her low, almost whisper of a voice creates an intimate sound as she says “You leading me on it’s true/You know you’d be better with me but you.” It’s empowering to hear her proclaim that she knows she’s the better option, and despite having lingering feelings, she’s not going to wait for the subject of the song to make the right choice, when they could’ve had her all this time. The transition from bridge to chorus is explosive and cathartic, a dynamic created by the contrast in sound, and by the end of the song you're left with a powerful anthem that not only showcases SAPPHIRE's vocal prowess but also leaves you with a sense of empowerment and the determination to prioritize yourself over people who don’t deserve you. “Wasting my time” is a compelling and relatable piece for anyone who's been treated poorly by people they love.

SAPPHIRE is a seasoned singer and songwriter who has been making a name for herself in the online music world since she was 7. Her journey took a transformative turn in 2022 when she faced the harsh realities of online negativity. Turning adversity into art, she embarked on a songwriting journey that became a testament to her resilience and creative prowess. This journey, marked by collaborations with talents like Cashy Bear and Roy Kerr, draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists and genres, from Sabrina Carpenter and Gracie Abrams to the legendary Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon, while infusing punchy indie-pop vibes and raw honesty into the lyrics. SAPPHIRE's EP, “test drive,” is out now.

Written By Rachael Bach



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