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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Waves" - Fionn

Fionn returns to their folk-pop roots with their latest single, “Waves”. The song is the band member, Alanna Finn-Morris’s, response to life during the pandemic. Similar to many others, it was very disheartening being faced with lockdowns, social distancing, and restrictions. It sent her into a downward spiral questioning if she was ever going to be able to reach her goals and dreams. She felt that she hit rock bottom when her romantic life appeared stagnant. “Waves” was written as a cathartic release for Finn-Morris, thus creating a beautiful song born from the ashes of a dark time. The duo sings, “Now I think to breathe when I think nothing goes my way// Until the thought floats away// Guess I’ve changed,” revealing the healthy response towards the difficulties life throws at them. “Waves” is a comforting track that holds the listener’s hand while keeping them afloat during the rough times.

“Waves” is the epitome of a flawless folk-pop track with its whimsical melody and heavenly vocals. The light, breezy guitar introduces the listener to the soothing track. The duo uses a very relaxing strum pattern that mesmerizes listeners for the entire three minutes and twenty-two seconds. The introduction of other instruments is very subtle, making the transition effortless and soft. About a minute into the song, the bass is introduced. Then, the drums and vocal harmonies are steadily added one at a time. The background bass becomes more pronounced by using lower notes towards the end. “Waves” is an impressive track with the innate ability to calm the listener and soothe them of their anxieties.

Fionn is a folk-pop duo from Vancouver. Their members consist of sisters Alanna Finn-Morris and Brianne Finn-Morris. In 2017, they released their debut single, “Skeleton”. After a few more single releases, the duo released their self-titled debut album, Fionn. Since then, they have released several singles, an EP, and an additional full-length album. Currently, the duo is working on their next record set for a 2023 release, which includes “Waves”.

Written By Karlee Smith



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