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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Weekend Kiss" (ft. Cecilia Lim) - Mario the Mood

One of the things I miss the most about living in Newark is the experiences I had while using public transportation. Some of the best stories I have occurred while taking the train, light rail, or subway to different places. The story that sticks out in my mind is a stare-off I had with a cute stranger that involved us making silly faces at each other. We reached their stop, and as they got off, they tried handing me their number written on a piece of paper. Tried being the keyword here because a gush of wind came and whisked that paper up into the sky. I constantly think about what could have been if that number had made it into my hands. While it's certainly not the "Weekend Kiss" Cecilia Lim vocalizes in Mario the Mood's produced song, it's still something that lives rent-free in my head.

“Weekend Kiss” is audio euphoria – it’s a dance-pop single that puts listeners in a meditative trance. The song begins as a faraway, dreamy melody that progressively gets closer and closer until Lim sings. The first lyrics sung are: “If I’m honest I didn’t really care about your feelings / I was bored and thought how funny it would be if we kissed”. This indifference toward the kiss is masking the real feelings experienced – that being of temporary joy which Mario the Mood has been able to capture with the single's incredible rhythm. As listeners get swept up in the song, we find out that the other person involved in this kiss “chose success” over continuing this joy. Making this single about the moments that never amounted to anything more – but we wish they had. And now, much like that light rail memory, “Weekend Kiss” lives rent-free in my head, too.

Mario the Mood is a DJ and producer that currently resides in NYC. The young artist is quite the talented soul guitarist as well. If you happen to live in any of the five boroughs, you might have the chance to watch him perform! His live performances consist of indie and dance music covers and creations. Just double-check his website to see the dates and locations. But don’t pout if you’re not NYC-based because Mario the Mood can also be booked for performances outside (and inside, naturally), of New York through his website.

Cecilia Lim is a Massachusetts transplant living in NYC. After attending NYU for a year, she transferred to Columbia University – which is no small feat! So huge congratulations are in order! Despite Lim's vocals exclusively being showcased in this single, she is a well-trained oboist, too. She has received multiple distinctions and honors for her oboe playing. Maybe with some public encouragement, listeners can convince Cecilia and Mario the Mood to do future pop collaborations featuring her oboe playing; that's sure to produce another earworm.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille




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