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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "What Can I Do" - Isabelle Fries

"What Can I Do" is a heartfelt ballad about reassuring someone you love that you are always near to support them in their times of struggle. It is always very comforting to know that someone you deeply care for is ready to pick you back up at any moment. The tone of this piece as a whole perfectly encapsulates that level of comfort. I feel that there are many songs about romantic love, but it is rare to come across pieces directed toward platonic love. Isabelle does an amazing job of appealing to this aspect of love by creating this ode to strong friendships. Platonic love really is such a beautiful thing, and it's always a good feeling to be reminded that you have a strong support system when things in life don't necessarily go your way.

Every aspect of this song brings about such a strong sense of comfort. Starting with Isabelle's voice, she has some of the most calming vocals I have ever heard. When she sings, the words just melt into the space around you. Her voice matches the energy of the melody perfectly. The piano and guitar strums are heavily highlighted in this piece and are played in a deep, yet soft tone. The instrumentals set an excellent vibe for the sense of comfort that Isabelle brings with this song. The idea of this song really appeals to emotion, so having the vocals and melody match the deep comfort that one gets from such a strong love is what makes this piece so well thought out. The lyrics themselves really lock in that soothing feeling. "I'll be close, always be near" and "anything you ask I'll give" are just two of the many uplifting lines in this piece that tie in the theme as a whole. This piece is such a graceful ode to deep companionship; Isabelle truly created an amazing piece of art with this single.

Isabelle Fries has always had a relationship with music, starting with performing as young as eight. She finds inspiration from artists such as Amy Winehouse, Sir Elton John, The Lumineers, Tame Impala, and Maggie Rodgers. Isabelle fuses modern pop and alternative genres with a classic twist to create her sound. While performing in Uganda for GLI, she announced and founded the Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community Foundation. This foundation implements schools' academics, athletics, and music curriculums develops recycling initiatives and teaches water safety on Lake Buyonyoni. One of Isabelle's main goals in life is to use her platform to help those in need all over the globe.

Written By Melina Darlas



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