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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "What If" - Kilough

Have you ever found yourself looking back on a past relationship and playing scenarios in your head of how it might be now if you were still with them? Sometimes relationships don't work out, not because you weren't in love, but because life was taking you in different directions, whether it's for a career, education or family. "What If" by Kilough is a soft and raw love song about begging someone not to become the one that got away. Kilough describes a love that is like no other, but fear of losing them comes creeping in once she finds out he needs to move to another state.

Kilough has an incredibly light and ear-pleasing voice. It's one of those voices you could never get tired of hearing. Her style gives a mixture of folk pop and country, with a soundscape that reminds me of early 2000's Taylor Swift. Her songwriting is honest and poetic, and can relate to just about anyone. With angelic harmonies and raw acoustic guitar, the song sets a dark but loving tone to the theme of being in love and afraid to lose it. She sings as if she telling a story and it's not one you want to miss.

Kilough is an independent singer/songwriter currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. She's inspired by names like Kasey Musgraves and Noah Kahan. Her debut EP, 'Latitude', was released in 2019. She is no stranger to performing live and has been all around the east-coast of the US. 'What If' is the lead song off of her brand new second EP, 'States Between', which is now available on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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