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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "What If" - Soran

Overthinking SUCKS. It comes in when you least expect it and then lingers for far too long in the back of your mind. Let's put a stop to it! ‘What If’ by Soran is about slamming the brakes on your racing mind and learning to live in the present moment. He asks questions like “What if I love you the same as I did yesterday?” and “What if I told you that you make me complete?” In doing so, he comforts himself and releases worry by reasoning on the why of his “what ifs." Even when he feels like drowning, Soran recognizes that no one is truly to blame for what he went through. Things just happened, but it's better to work through it and move on than to stay stuck.

“We go to hell and back for nothing, days and nights on second-guessing again.” Soran’s poignant lyricism is so compelling, that you can instantly connect to his story. With his luscious and slightly raspy vocals, he’s easily able to express the strong emotions he felt while struggling with overthinking. Silky acoustic guitar strums and lo-fi synth beats collide to make your heart feel lighter. It’s like Soran draws the pain out of you so that you can process it with him. One of the coolest features in the song is the instrumental section and outro. It sounds like Soran is speaking underwater, which is a genius reference to the first verse where he says, “You and I are slowly drowning again.” Pretty neat, right?

The Montreal-based artist Soran is best known for his unique brand of Lofi-pop that also includes elements of R&B and electronic music. Authentic, heart-driven lyrics are key to his songwriting. After competing on La Voix in Quebec, his self-titled debut EP helped him gain some serious traction in Canada’s music scene. In 2019, he built on that tremendous success with several hit collaborations. Now, his intimate EP ‘Space Boy,’ where ‘What If’ is the fourth track, has arrived! It pays homage to Soran’s late mother, whose memory continues to live on in his music. He’s truly a wonderful artist with so much heart!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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