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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "What You Need To Know" - Shane Rennison

We've all encountered someone who seems like they have it all. Maybe they have money, popularity, looks, and a ton of friends. But upon closer inspection, you realize they never worked for it, and that they always expect things to go their way. Shane Rennison's new single, "What You Need To Know", is a letter to the self-absorbed. It's the brutally honest advice that looks fade and success isn't guaranteed. Rennison drives this point home in the lyrics with lines like, "When you're homesick, I just pray that there will be someone there", essentially telling the person in question that if they don't grow emotionally and treat people better, they may end up alone. With that said, the lyrics aren't preachy at all either. The song flows like a cross between shade and genuine concern, giving off a feeling of classy ambiguity.

"What You Need To Know" has an extremely unique instrumental composition, prominently showcasing an elaborate piano part accompanied by the rhythm of a 12-string acoustic guitar. The heavy use of staccato layered patterns is reminiscent of artists like Jason Mraz and Kate Nash, but with its own spin. The piano and guitar are used interchangeably, adding texture to the whole experience. Rennison's smooth vocals and clever lyrics tie everything together, making for an honest and emotional song that still sounds lighthearted on the surface. This can be a powerful tool for artists, as it creates a catchy tune that gets its message across without being a slow ballad that listeners might not be inclined to play on repeat. I think "What You Need To Know" is great because it has a radio-ready sound while still having a deeper meaning.

Shane Rennison is a US-based singer-songwriter, originally hailing from the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. He has often cited his mountain home as the inspiration for his work, including his 2023 EP, "Nice To Meet You". Despite being self-taught and a relatively new artist on the scene, Rennison has amassed over 1500 monthly Spotify listeners. And they're well-earned. Rennison's discography is humble, heartfelt, and nothing short of captivatingly unique. He's an artist who isn't afraid to break the traditional structure of pop music, and that's certainly a rare trait in today's music. If you're interested in hearing it for yourself, "What You Need To Know" is out now on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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