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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "When You're Down" - Haunts

Haunts' latest single, “When You’re Down,” is a deeply moving and beautiful ballad that provides comfort for those who are in a state of intense blues. The song encourages listeners to try to stay strong in difficult times in a hauntingly poetic form. The vocal performance is incredibly emotional, and it really moves audiences. The lyrical content is what really sells this song as an anthem as it focuses on uplifting individuals who are in difficult situations. I think in moments when the world is at its worst, it’s important to have anthems like these that bring positivity and encourage others. Haunts did an excellent job with this new song, and it definitely deserves your attention.

The song begins as a simple piano ballad, and this allows listeners to really take in the vocal performance and what the speaker is saying. The lyrics start off as tragic and focus on some of the painful feelings people often experience. The line “but don’t forget, that love is on our side,” is when we see the shift into a more uplifting stance. It’s a great line because it reminds listeners to try and focus on the good and life so they won’t lose hope. Another line “I feel it too” is significant because building that connection of mutual experiences does more than what others believe. People love to be seen and related to, and that line definitely helps sell the message. As the song progresses, it becomes more than just a piano ballad, it builds on itself a bit and shifts into a new style. Overall, “When You’re Down” by Haunts is beautiful and just what you need during difficult times.

Haunts is a duo from Camberley, UK, and consists of musicians Nina and Jonny. The duo is known for their dark pop sound that uses classic pop melodies and cinematic electronic elements. Haunts have been open about how they do everything themselves when it comes to their art, this includes writing, recording, producing, and more. There is clear dedication in what they do which is very telling of how passionate they are about their craft. Haunts plans on releasing new music in December this year, as well as plans to get back into the studio to have new content for 2024. Make sure to keep your eye open for what Haunts does next as they certainly are worth a listen.

Written By Chantal Charles


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