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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Where Do We Go From Here?" - MisterWives

“I gave you all my love, how am I not enough?” This lyric fragment from ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ by MisterWives is like heartache in a glass box; so transparent that we can't deny its existence any longer. This funky 80s-influenced tune revolves around the emotions we unleash when trust is broken. The fear of getting hurt again is very distinct; rooted in worthlessness, jealousy and pure anger. In the eyes of frontwoman Mandy Lee, you shouldn’t try to suppress these feelings or run away from them. It’s much healthier to make space for them. This song is that space; a disco night paradise where your flitting emotions can simply fly into the wind!

I’m stunned by Mandy Lee’s effortlessly strong vocals. They’re supercharged by the surrounding sound of effervescent synths (reminiscent of ABBA!) and guitar. Moving between emotions at every step, the writing perfectly encapsulates each one so it stands out. “Every time I think it’s let you in and trust again, you go ahead and change my mind.” The sheer exasperation here in the bridge is incredible, and it feels like your thoughts are festering beneath the surface. Slowly but surely, MisterWives hits a powerful climax and then closes on a high note that’s pure bliss. I’m obsessed!

Returning with their new duet of singles, MisterWives have really outdone themselves! 'Where Do We Go From Here?' compliments another impressive song 'Easy' (which has also been reviewed on our blog!) to usher in the band’s new era. They’ve also created their own label, Resilient Little Records, in partnership with PhotoFinish Records/Virgin Music. They’ve previously opened for popular bands like Paramore, Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots. Now, the five-piece band is currently headlining their biggest tour yet! Go follow them! And be sure to check out their website for tour dates and tickets to their upcoming shows!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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