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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Where It All Began" - Lucy Morgan

"Where It All Began" is about the realization that the person you love is not as committed to the relationship as you are. Morgan sings about how times were better when "she didn't know" and how keeping him "at arm's length" proved to keep her in bliss. She sings about how she is living a much better life now that she is away from the situation that had harmed her so much, and that she doesn't want to ever go back to where it all started. Even if he comes back and begs for her forgiveness, she knows her worth and wouldn't put herself back in a situation where the other person blatantly disrespected her. Morgan sings this sweet-sounding tune about liking where she's at in life and how she plans to stay strong in her independence, unwilling to let anyone break her stride.

Even though this piece is one about finding your strength and independence after a heartbreak, it possesses a very bubbly and sweet sound. Just like her vocals, the beat and melody stay very light throughout the piece. These aspects of the song possess some ethereal-type elements along with a strong beat to give the song a bit of a kick to it. As for her voice, Morgan has a very comforting voice that is nothing short of beautiful. She draws out some of the notes in this song, like when she sings lines such as "it was better when you shut me out." There's a bit of a change in pitch when she sings these lines and these notes sound so graceful. Morgan succeeded in creating a great song with a powerful theme while keeping the sound beautifully airy.

Lucy Morgan is a singer/songwriter from Port Stanley, Ontario. She grew up with music in her life from the very beginning and performing has always been in her blood. Writing songs is a form of therapy for her and letting the world hear it feels like closing the chapter that inspired it. She believes music is our universal language and feels so blessed to provide a space for others to connect emotionally through her music. Lucy released her first single “I Really Loved You” on all streaming platforms in 2020 and is so excited to share the project she has been working on since her first release!

Written By Melina Darlas



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