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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Whisper In The Dark" - Sophie Dorsten

“Whisper In The Dark” is a delightfully wicked story about a manipulator that hides in blindsight. Some people are cunning and shrewd, constantly viewing others as tools to use as they gravitate towards goals that benefit themselves. Dorsten paints a beautiful narrative of a mask that hides the vile nature that can’t exist in the sun. Dorsten created horrific and haunting cover art with the song that puts the listener in the mood for something dark, gritty, and scary. Drawing inspiration from old horror and mystery novel covers, the barely hooded figure with malicious intentions watches casually as the heroine cautiously scans her surroundings.

Dorsten’s ethereal voice pierces through the murky waters of melancholy. The glistening piano keys and beautiful voice combine to create a blissful sadness that creeps its way into your heart. There cannot be enough praise said for the piano keys, generating chills across the body as it subtly changes the direction of the track. Dorsten’s clever wordplay and descriptive lyrics draw the listener into a world of emotions and imaginings, something that’s only further enhanced by the outstanding production and arrangement of the track.

Sophie Dorsten, a Phoenix-based artist, creates music alongside her brother, multi-instrumentalist Alex Dorsten. Performing around the Phoneix area since she was 9, she has been writing, recording, and releasing songs since she was 13. Due to the shut of live shows from the pandemic, Sophie and Alex combined forces to kill time and started creating songs together. Bouncing off of one another, their lyrics, creativity, music, and production were only heightened by each other’s presence. As restrictions lightened, the brother-sister duo were offered a chance to record at renowned studios like RAK Studios, Studio Two, or Abbey Road Studios in London. Just recently finishing their tour in the Pacific Northwest, Sophie and Alex are eager to show their fans the work and inspiration they’ve found on their travels.

Written By Megan Cao



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