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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "White Lilies" - Jillian Loux

Friendship breakups can be tough and it's scary to think about having to lose the memories and connection you’ve made and formed together. But if the relationship between you two has turned toxic, and is no longer the happy and healthy relationship that it used to be, then it’s important to let go, and step away for your own well-being. “White Lilies” is Jillian Loux’s first single released from an upcoming EP. This song is a diss track about a friend that was hurting her more than benefiting her. She makes observations and sits in her thoughts about how this friend is making her feel. When coming to the conclusion that this friendship is toxic, she decides that it's time to let the friendship come to an end. Sometimes, letting go of people is a necessary thing to do when it comes to putting and valuing yourself first, even if it hurts.

Throughout the song, Jillian shares a few of the observations she’s made about this person's actions towards her and how they’ve made her feel. They range from taking advantage, to being emotionally abusive: “You done used up all my sympathies. How I let you get the best of me,” and “Thinkin’ you are no angel just like my mama said. Emotionally abusive. No boundaries, intrusive.” She gathers all of these thoughts and later comes to terms that she needs to stop being friends with this person. Although no one wants to experience a friendship breakup, Jillian chooses to do this for her own good. She knows that this decision will hurt, but it’s for the better: “Imma try to put this gracefully. 6 feet for you, black dress for me.” This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but Jillian does it anyway, out of respect and love for the both of them.

Jillian Loux is an 18 year-old singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She began her musical journey at just 5 years old when she wrote her first song. During the pandemic, Jillian spent 2 years preparing for her first EP in virtual writing sessions. The five-song EP, which was produced by Matt Corby and co-written with Nat Dunn, was written and recorded in one week, and is set to release in spring 2024. “White Lilies” comes after her first single “Nevermind,” which was released last month. Keep up with Jillian for future releases by clicking on the links below, and check out her latest single, “White Lilies,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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