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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "White Widow" - Layla Bina

In "White Widow," by Layla Bina, Bina is spiraling after a failing relationship. Part of Bina's struggle is emotionally moving past it, which she clarifies by saying, "I wish we never met." However, Bina has found temporary relief in Marijuana. In her mental state, Bina has smoked through most of her Black Widow and Red Widow strains. But possessing a batch of her new favorite, White Widow, Bina allows it to continue blinding her from the harsh reality of her relationship. Unfortunately, in "White Widow," Bina resorts to a coping mechanism that she's used to and wants the freedom to do it peacefully, which may reflect a deeper issue.

"White Widow" by Layla Bina is short and to the point, spanning only two minutes and thirty-one seconds in length. From the start, Bina sets the tone for the record with aggressive staccato hits from the percussion and guitar parts as she sings through the song's chorus. Once reaching the verse, the instrumentation increases in movement, defining the track's pace. And complementing the fast tempo is not only changes in the arrangement but the expressiveness in Bina's vocal performance. In "White Widow," the use of vocals through screams, stacking, adlibs, and effects leave no room for a dull moment. Not to mention Bina's Persian influence, which allows her melodic choices to shine within the rock genre.

Layla Bina is an Iranian-American singer-songwriter from Southern California. Bina's musical interests started early with piano and songwriting until later introduced to rock music. Inspired by bands like The Clash and Nirvana, Bina began playing guitar and bass, which would encourage her to self-produce demos. With a background in psychology, Bina's discography reflects on issues within the mental health community. And with her debut album expected in 2023, Bina intends to continue advocating through her musical platform. After all, with her previous appearances at Whiskey A-Go-Go and Viper Room, and opening for acts like Chris de Burgh, there's no doubt Bina will be growing her audience within the new year.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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