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  • Megan Cao

Review: "who i'd be" - Carina Marie

In the rich tapestry of contemporary pop music, Carina Marie’s single "who i'd be" emerges as a profoundly intimate piece, tenderly unfurling the complexities of growing older with the guiding foresight of motherhood. With buttery vocals that gently cascade over the listener, Marie transports us through a journey of self-discovery and homage to her primary role model. Her musings reflect a dichotomy of emotions, reconciling the trepidations of maturation with the excitement of blossoming into the familiarity of a mother's silhouette. With “Who I’d Be,” Marie proves that her focus on tackling staggering modern issues through the lens of pop music is not only pertinent but also timeless in its appeal and depth.

Marie’s narrative prowess in "who i'd be" is a delicate exploration of the wistful wonderment about the lives our parents led before us, offering listeners a glimpse into the anticipation of inheriting the cherished traits and strengths that her mother exemplifies. The song, striking a resonant chord with its audience, captures that universal relatability of witnessing one's self gradually mirror a parent, embodying the virtues and wisdom once observed from the knee-high vantage point of childhood. Carina Marie's "who i'd be" is more than just a musical number; it’s an emotional cartography charting the lineage of maternal influence and the silent transition of virtues from one generation to the next. The heartfelt composition manages to echo the past while confronting the evolving ideals of the present, serving as a beacon for listeners navigating the intricate dance of growing up alongside the lingering echo of their forebearers’ footsteps.

Carina Marie, a promising talent from Pleasantville, NY, is an emerging pop singer, insightful songwriter, and passionate performer with an emotive presence that effortlessly bridges the worlds of music and theater. A recent graduate with a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Marie’s artistic endeavors do not stop at her captivating vocal performances; she is also a dedicated playwright, having penned her first play. Her approach to music emits a vivid sense of authenticity and exploration, drawing influences from the storytelling prowess of Sara Bareilles to the cheeky charm of Lily Allen. As she carves her path in the music industry, Carina Marie continues to hone a unique sound characterized by its "buttery vocals, cinched right harmonies, and catchy anthems," all while tackling significant modern issues within her stirring pop compositions.

Written By Megan Cao


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