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  • George McSherry

Review: "Who Knew?" - Moontower

Head-bopping and toe-tapping, but make it French! 'Who Knew?' slips back and forth between French and English lyricism, which, when paired with the electropop production leaves you in a dreamlike, stripped-back bar where the concrete and rebar foundations are exposed, illuminated by colorful LED strips that pulse to the beat. The fictional bar that the song has created in my head seems like it would have expensive drinks, but I think I'd still have to get one just to stay and listen.

The guitar chords that introduce 'Who Knew?' pay homage to 'Kiss Me' by Sixpence None The Richer, completed by the first words you hear: "embrasse-moi" (French for "kiss me"). The similarities pretty much end there though. The track is anchored in an infectious trance beat that employs layered synths and crisp, consistent, kick-stomp drum loops to craft the bouncy and ethereal sonic space. All this leaves just the right amount of room for the centerpiece vocals; airy, layered falsettos introduce the song setting up the juxtaposition of the verses' punchy, staccato delivery. An entrancing web of warbling bass and pitched-up synths lead you to the song's dreamy culmination.

Moontower is an LA-based electropop trio that met at the University of Southern California, where their shared love for music would have them cross paths. Jacob Berger (guitar/vocals), Tom Carpenter (bass), and Devan Walsh (guitar/keyboard) initially set out to be a live act, placing heavy emphasis on the visual aspects of their live performances. We can be grateful that they abandoned the pipedream of being the first band to headline Coachella without officially releasing a song because now we can access their tunes at a moment's notice.

Written By George McSherry



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