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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Why Should I Be Sorry?" - Alexa Kate

Why Should I Be Sorry? by Alexa Kate cover art

Alexa Kate is back with her third single release for her debut EP, “Why Should I Be Sorry?” Why Should I Be Sorry?” is a powerful heartbreak anthem that paints a vivid picture of the emotional turbulence one experiences after a breakup. Alexa starts off the song by diving into her mixed emotions regarding the breakup. She’s resisting the urge to call back, unable to pick their T-shirt off the floor. She said she’s “closed the door/but [she waits] right by it everyday,” and despite knowing it’s not healthy for her, she keeps doing it. In the chorus, Alexa questions herself and her ex, wondering “why should I be sorry?/when you’re the one who messed it up.” Yet, despite all the bad things her ex did to her, she still doesn’t hate him. Looking back on the relationship once more, she doesn’t know if it was love, but she gave all her secrets away that are now gone forever. In the bridge, she asks herself “how could I not want the pain when it comes so easily?” She wonders how her ex has her thinking that she is the one to blame, and says “you should be down on your knees/begging for forgiveness, admitting what you did to me.” 

Despite the song's sadder themes, “Why Should I Be Sorry?” is certainly a song of the summer contender. With luscious layers of synths and bass and perfectly laid harmonies, this song is addicting. The beat is upbeat and crisp from the get go, setting the stage for the pop anthem that is “Why Should I Be Sorry?” With Alexa’s delicate yet powerful vocals, it reminds me of artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Gracie Abrams. She throws in quick moments of talking, giving the song even more personality and color. Alexa incorporates elements of sonic contrast that aligns with her contrasting feelings. For example,this song can definitely be described as indie, but there is this mainstream or commercial flair that Alexa adds to balance it out. In addition, she walks the line between catchy melodies and contemplative lyrics, making it easy to digest but also fun to dig into. 

Singer-songwriter Alexa Kate was born and raised in New York, and is based back there after spending time in Nashville and Los Angeles honing her craft. She first got her start in the music industry in 2016 with her release “Why?”. Since then, she’s had multiple successful single releases such as “Twenty-something”, which currently has 265k streams on Spotify alone. Now, with her releases of “Delusional”, “Crash”, and now “Why Should I Be Sorry?”, she is preparing to release her debut EP. Throughout her eight years as a releasing artist, she has built a passionate fan base on social media, going live on TikTok almost daily for the past few years. Her talent as a singer and songwriter has gained her attention from many, landing her on rising pop playlists such as Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pop. It will be so exciting to see where Alexa’s talents will take her in the future!

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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