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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Wild" - Hannah Dorman

“Wild” by Hannah Dorman is a refreshing and invigorating indie-pop track that leaves you feeling energized and empowered, attracting listeners from the moment it begins with a vibrant and catchy melody that sets the mood for the entire track. After a 6-month break from releasing her debut EP, '222', her first single of 2023 starts off with a bang. Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Wild” inspires listeners to make that move they weren’t sure about, to take their chances and just go wild. Her effortless ease, sultry coaxations, and confident attitude inspires listeners to throw away all convictions and just go for it.

Dorman’s vocals are the standout feature of the song, effortlessly moving between gentle to impassioned delivery during the chorus. Her voice effortlessly shifts between different emotional registers, displaying her skilled techniques to convey a range of emotions within a single song. The song’s polished sound is expertly crafted to highlight the strengths of the music and vocals, with different elements blending together seamlessly, creating a cohesive and dynamic soundscape that’s both immersive and engaging.

Hannah Dorman is a Surrey-based pop-rock singer-songwriter, performing and releasing music for over ten years. Her loyal fanbase is only growing faster and faster as she’s broken into the mainstream, hitting 350K followers of TikTok, over 1 million plays of Spotify, and over 3 million views on YouTube. Influenced by the likes of KT Tunstall, Anastasia, and Shania Twain, Dorman’s inspiration and eclectic style only serve to cement herself into her music. “Wild” is an excellent example of what indie-pop can be when done right - with a catchy melody, powerful vocals, and fun lyrics, Dorman reminds us to embrace our wild side.

Written By Megan Cao



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