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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Window Shopping" - Brooks The Boy

Brooks The Boy has just released his newest single “Window Shopping”, a pop rock song about the subtleties of cheating and where the line should be drawn when looking at other people, albeit supposedly innocently. “Window Shopping” refers to admiring people from afar while in a relationship, and while this may be harmless when not acted on, Brooks The Boy instead sings of when the innocent glances become those further actions. The track is laced with that classic pop rock percussion and passionate vocals, and the lyrics are totally what you’d expect out of a song that’s all about heartbreak and betrayal– and then some.

I had never heard the term “window shopping” in relation to relationships before this song, but was delightfully surprised when hearing the lyrics’ double meaning. Especially when Brooks the Boy sings, “No harm in window shopping,” I think of moments when you’re out with your friends and you glance through the shop windows at the mannequins, and then popping in to take a quick look. Because, of course there’s no harm in looking, but what usually happens during window shopping is the urge to purchase the item anyway. Brooks the Boy’s songwriting and playful usage of the term is such a fun way to turn an everyday phrase into something with plenty of layers. More than that, though, is the song’s classic pop rock instrumentals– complete with an energetic guitar and intense percussion, it’s everything you’d ever want out of the genre. "Window Shopping" marries clever songwriting with an upbeat soundscape, all while telling a tale of heartbreak.

Brooks The Boy is an alternative/rock pop artist based in Nashville. His music is filled with raspy, melodic vocals combined with relatable lyrics that ring true for everyone in some way. With a discography surrounding themes of love and heartbreak, Brooks The Boy creates quintessential pop tracks with evocative songwriting. His debut single “Dirt on Your Dress” released in 2019 and has over 370,000 streams on Spotify to date, and his debut EP “She Loves Me Not” similarly released that year. “Window Shopping” is currently his latest release and is definitely worth adding to your next playlist.

Written By Alexa Leung



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