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  • Aaron Soltis

Review: "Wishful Thinking" - Alex Beck

Alex Beck is a new and talented artist currently making her way into the music world. Her latest single “Wishful Thinking” embodies the spirit of a young woman in the city and provides for a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside. The line “I thought I’m better off gone” touches on a deep topic of self worth and how meaningless it can feel in such a big world. Alex uses this line to effectively describe the pain that break-ups can cause and what it can do to one’s psyche. While it may be a common topic amongst artists, Alex takes a unique approach that is more impactful.

The song starts out with a somber synth holding a pedal point throughout the verse. A pedal point is when a bass note is held for a certain amount of time while the harmony above changes, which is emphasized in the guitar line. This creates a particular effect of being grounded, and is all the more effective when the bass begins to change in the chorus. The voice of Alex Beck is something to be reckoned with: smooth and delicate yet clear, she’s mastered her art as a singer and knows how to write for it. The mix of this song is very artistic; the instruments don’t jab out but rather blend together to create a “wall” of sound. The lead vocal, bass, and kick stand above to create a strong root while the rest of the instruments create the beautiful foundation that is “Wishful Thinking.”

Singer/songwriter Alex Beck is an indie pop artist currently residing in L.A. Starting with the release of her first single “Do It Again” in 2020, Alex has steadily grown as a musician and a storyteller. She’s received glowing reviews from the likes of Mystic Sons, Obscure Sound, and more. You can find her music on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and on Youtube. You can also find out more about new releases (or more about Alex herself!) on her Instagram. Check her out, she’s a great listen!

Written By Aaron Soltis



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