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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "WOMAN MADE" - Athena Skye

Athena Skye is a powerhouse artist. Her newest single, “WOMAN MADE”, is an inspiring song about feeling confident in yourself and proud of your womanhood. As woman, we face injustices and insecurities everyday, and majority of the time we focus on the negatives, but Athena says no more. Let’s celebrate our greatest gift of being women. We are created by women, and we can run the world if we just realize our powers within. There is no rulebook to being the “perfect woman”. The perfect woman is being exactly who you already are. Some os us are confident; some of us are shy. Some of us are put together; some of us are messy. Some of us are a combination of everything, but ALL of us are perfectly created. It can be hard to understand the magic we have within after being broken, beaten down, told we’re not enough, told we’re too much, but those trials and tribulations only magnify our powers. We are strong, even when we don’t believe it. We are resilient, even when we don’t know it. We are kind, even when we’ve been given every reason not to be. We are blessed with a built in sisterhood, and we need to spend everyday building each other up and never tearing each other down. We go through enough as woman that it’s time to stop tolerating anything less than what we deserve. It’s time to acknowledge our incredible attributes. It’s time to be who we are because we are more than enough. It’s time to stop giving a damn what anyone will say. We are women; hear us roar.

The moment this song begins, you know you’re in for a sonic experience. Athena’s catchy lyrics and captivating music are sure to leave you moving your body and screaming her empowering lyrics into a hairbrush. This is the song the girls will play on repeat as they sit on the floor, doing their makeup, sipping on tequila shots before going out on the town with a new attitude. Her lyrics are clever and sure to get stuck in your head. This is the type of bop you take the long way home to hear again with the windows down and a new found confidence gleaming through the sunroof. It’s moving to hear a woman sing such a powerful ballad designed to help woman understand their perfection from simply just being. This is the anthem we want to play for our daughters and hope they never forget the words. “WOMAN MADE” is a song by a woman, for women, and the girlies are going to be feeling enchanted and electric from just one listen.

In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, and Athena seems to be following in her namesake’s footsteps to empower and inspire women. Athena Skye Is a London based singer/songwriter. She is a true lyricist who wants to change the world. She claims songwriting is her therapy, and I guarantee listening to her music is therapeutic for all lucky enough to listen. She wants to highlight her vulnerabilities to show people that they are not alone. We all have insecurities, but Athena turns that into her greatest superpower with her dynamic lyrics and moody sonics. Athena’s music is inspired by her two hometowns, London and Atlanta. She has accumulated over 2 million views on TikTok, and fans are even comparing her to Ariana Grande. Athena wants to introduce the world to a refreshing new era of music, and we can’t wait to be a small part of her voyage to the stars.

Written By Grace Chapman



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