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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Women Are People" - Kel Adore

You don’t have to take History 101 to know that women have had it rough since the dawn of time; for a long, long time, women were seen as lesser than men and occasionally still are. It’s an ongoing fight, and while things have definitely improved over the last century, women are still far from having the same social standing as men do. Kel Adore seeks to rectify this with her aptly titled song “Women Are People” as a part of her newest EP “All That’s Left.” “Women Are People,” even as a broad statement, has a lot of power behind it; the implications are sobering. For all the expectations and labels and rules that are piled and packed onto the backs of women, they are still considered lesser, lower, and unworthy of respect. Yet, “Women Are People” sheds a light through the murky clouds, a shining hope that a woman’s existence is more than just what her gender represents, but her as a person.

The song begins, very interestingly, with a western whistle, as if two cowboys are preparing themselves for a duel; the vocals then slide in and the song truly kicks off. The percussion beats rhythmically in the background as Kel Adore’s voice begins to swell and grow in strength. She sings of being unable to keep up with the growing expectations women face, saying, “I’ve been ashamed of myself/all this time I’ve blamed myself” as her voice is overlaid atop the song’s primary vocals, creating an echo-y effect. Each time the chorus cycles “women are people/women are people,” it leaves in its wake a gentle reminder that, yes: women are people and people deserve respect. Tying it all together is Kel Adore’s voice; in tandem with honest and heartfelt lyrics, her smooth vocals lace the song up in a neat bow. “Women Are People” is immensely relatable to those who have experienced the heavy pressures of being a woman; but it also serves as a nudge, a prompt, to tell its listeners of the wide spectrum of experiences that women face. It is a vulnerable story that is completed with naked lyricism and undertones of electronica and an energetic pop beat.

Kel Adore is an emerging artist who produces music for the soul; it is full of understanding, like a hand on the shoulder or a tight hug. Being a singer-songwriter, Kel Adore aims to produce songs that are bare, frank, and tell fervently truthful stories that people can reflect and see themselves in. Released in 2021, her first single “Fool for the Pain” is about the dichotomy of subjecting the self to things and those that only cause pain, rather than good. She released two more singles in 2022, “Happy Again” and “Still A Child,” but it wasn’t until 2023 did her debut EP, “All That’s Left,” release. Kel Adore seeks to pull back the veil and tell people that they are seen with her music. Listening to her lyrics makes you feel like you have a constant witness, a validating voice on your shoulder– they certainly have that effect on me! I’m looking forward to what else Kel Adore has in store for her current and future listeners!

Written By Alexa Leung



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