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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Won't Let Me Go" - Charlie Finch

“Won’t Let Me Go” is a contemporary alt pop anthem that relays the self-healing experience of breaking down your barriers alongside someone you deeply care about. No matter where you go in life, you find yourself unable to express yourself freely. Every new interaction or experience brings about a sense of uncomfortability. You constantly feel on-edge and it feels as though nothing can bring you out of your continuous slump. But there’s a small light that accompanies you and gives you self-assurance just by its existence. This everburning light is someone deeply special to you. They give you reassurance that you are wanted and heard, and the value within their words becomes clear to you. You understand that these barriers you have built are just that; limits you have created. Although you’ve always kept your head low, out of sight and out of mind, your newfound confidence and love have worked within you. If your loved one won’t let you go, then why should you?

“Won’t Let Me Go” is an alt pop commercial anthem that is as free-spirited and energetic in tone as it is in its story. Typically, music describing the effects of mental health is somber in order to reflect the narrative. However, this story is about overcoming your struggles and opening yourself up, and it is greatly reflected in the instrumentation and melody. Each upbeat guitar strum and cheerful clap represent the ever evolving mentality of the narrator and his journey of self-reflection and healing. Special care is taken with each intricate detail of this single, such as the beat briefly swelling down when Charlie Finch writes “Keep my head down low”. These small details add a sugary sweet cherry on top of a detailed story. Every element of this piece intertwines into a cohesive and enjoyable experience.

Charlie Finch is a singer-songwriter from South Africa. He has had an extensive and thriving career within the music industry for many years now. He regularly performs at live music events which helped elevate his career both in its infancy and now. He has long-standing singles from the mid 2010s that still gain positive attention today. His first album, “Life’s Journey” was released in 2017. He took a short break from music due to the pandemic but has skyrocketed back into music with this latest single. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “Won’t Let Me Go” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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