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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Worst Boyfriend Award" - Emilia Tarrant

Toxic relationships can take a toll on both your mental and emotional well-being, leaving you drained and exhausted. It’s hard dealing with the person who was once your source of love and support, now treating you in ways you don't deserve. Witnessing someone you hold close to you transform into an unrecognizable version of themselves, after sharing cherished memories together, is disheartening. The euphoric love you experienced together is no longer there. The impact of toxic relationships can affect your confidence, mood, and even your physical health. Emilia Tarrant's latest single, "Worst Boyfriend Award," explores the destructiveness of such relationships, drawing from her perspective as an observer rather than from personal experience and sings in 3rd person. She sheds light on the pain and trauma that her friend endures, capturing the frustration of watching someone she cares about suffer through such a challenging time.

In the beginning of some relationships, your partner may captivate you by promising things that sound exciting, giving you butterflies and creating the illusion of a fairy-tale type of romance. However, lots of them never commit or pull through on these promises, leaving you disappointed, and some even turning into a person you no longer recognize. This was one of many things that Emilia’s friend experienced, but the friend doesn't realize this and finds herself trapped in this toxic cycle: “He doesn't treat you like he should. Make plans, no show. I hope she knows it shouldn’t be like this. No text, no call. Is this what you call love?” Emilia then realizes that the reason her friend won’t leave this relationship is because she's “blind” to his flaws. She continues on with highlighting the effects of being unable to break free from this, which she sees in her friend: “Confidence low. She is scared to be alone. A hand to hold. He is the worst, best thing for her. From my point of view, he doesn’t treat you like he should.”

Emilia Tarrant is a 21 year-old singer and songwriter from Winchester, England. She began writing songs at the age of 12. Since then, her music has been showcased on the popular TV show, Love Island UK & USA, while also being placed in Apple Music and Spotify playlists. She’s had her music supported by BBC Radio 1, The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland Magazine, Notion, Metal Magazine and Record of the Day. Emilia has worked with renowned and highly respected names in the industry, such as Kingdoms, Charlie Thomas and grammy-nominated producer Will Hicks, who have all been known to work with artists like One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, R3hab and more. Back in March, she released a 5 song EP titled, “When It Was Chaotic”, with one of the tracks, “When It Was Chaotic”, surpassing 200,000 streams on Spotify. Check out Emilia Tarrant’s latest single, “Worst Boyfriend Award” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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