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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Wrong Time" - Zoe Clark

“Wrong Time” is a catchy and relatable pop track about dating in your twenties in 2022. In today’s society, social media has become what holds many relationships together. Dating apps are where people find connections and hookups and often, this is the norm and the only way you’ll meet anyone. However, is social media wrecking love? Zoe Clark sings about how nowadays, it’s impossible to have that deep emotional connection with someone. After the first few dates, wanting to hangout and be together turns into late night booty calls. This song is not only for those who dream of a romantic and true connection, but it’s also for those needing the courage to leave crap relationships. Zoe encourages the idea that this kind of hookup behavior is unacceptable, and we need to demand more from our partners. It’s the perfect feminist pop hit!

Beginning with a center of acoustic guitar, “Wrong Time” adds in different musical elements as the song builds. A cool snapping of the fingers follows the guitar entrance, eventually building all the way up to the chorus where the keyboard and bass make an appearance. Throughout the whole song, you can’t help but want to dance. When the chorus hits, it’s full of energy and really hypes you up. I think the best part about this song would have to be the lyrical storytelling within the lyrics. The story is relatable to so many people, having most likely gone through situations like this too. It’s brilliantly written to have this charismatic pull in the beginning only to explode into this irresistible dance chorus.

This Nashville pop artist has found her way to fame and has continued to pave her way to stardom. Currently signed with FRTYFVE records, Zoe Clark is putting out music that’s raw, honest and relatable. Combining different style influences has created a sound for Zoe that is recognizable and loved. This talented vocalist and incredible songwriter works hard to bring her massive fanbase music that cuts close to the heart. With 10 million streams on Spotify, Zoe is growing more and more in popularity. We can’t to see what else is in store for this rising popstar!

Written By Emily Hancock



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