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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "X in My Sensual" - Asbjørn x DAYYANI

"X in My Sensual" by Asbjørn, featuring Dayyani, is an absolute show-stopper. This song wastes no time and immediately starts to pull you in. Starting off intense and staying that way, this track packs a punch for its short length. DAYYANI’s verse adds another genius layer to this track, which is absolutely good. "X in My Sensual" sings passionately about relations, with the main focus being on sex. This track is incredibly catchy; it will have you humming along before you are even done with your first listen.

This song has a heavy 2000s pull and is inspired without sounding tacky or annoying. Consent and connections are the main focus of this song, and I think it is done wonderfully. My first thought while listening to this song was that it gave off heavy Justin Timberlake vibes, one of the most prolific artists of 2000’s sensual pop. DAYYANI’s impact and influence on the song remind me of Jennifer Lopez’s and Britney Spear's discography.

Established Danish pop stars Asbjørn and DAYYANI are taking the industry by storm. Asbjørn is a queer icon and talks openly about it; he also takes immense pride in challenging societal gender norms in his day-to-day life. Asbjørn has been releasing music since 2012, making him a true pioneer of modern, 2000s-esque pop. DAYYANI is known for her stage presence and performing abilities, and it is very obvious why. Her most popular single, "Goddess" has an impressive 70,000 listens on Spotify.

Written By Emma Kimberli




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