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  • Victoria James

Review: "Yet, I Still Miss You" - Charlotte Clarke

Relationships, including friendships, can be complicated, especially when they're done and you still miss them. To make matters worse, they probably didn’t deserve you and you have every reason to dislike them, but they still hold a space in your heart. Charlotte Clarke’s song “Yet, I Still Miss You” dives into the complex emotions of parting ways with someone, but you miss them even after all they’ve put you through. The good memories don’t go away, and sometimes those memories make you forget about the rocky moments of the relationship. “Yet, I Still Miss You” may be about tricky feelings, but there’s nothing complicated about our feelings towards this song. It’s everything we needed and more.

“Yet, I Still Miss You” is an excellent bedroom-pop song. Reminiscent of the vulnerability of artists like Gracie Abrams and Lizzy McAlpine and the vocal arrangements and synths of Taylor Swift, Charlotte Clarke has a recipe for a hit on her hands. The song begins with a piano progression before her voice is heard on the track. She has incredible, expressive vocals that touch your heart. You can hear the hurt and betrayal in her voice, but the beauty of the production brightens the song. Although “Yet, I Still Miss You” has a steady pace, it picks up for the bridge. The horns and echos are theatrical and intense but also thrilling. If the end of the song was her grand finale, she’d receive a standing ovation. The loud and quiet moments of the song don’t overshadow one another but coexist to build tension and excitement like a rollercoaster.

Charlotte Clarke is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter based in London. She moved there at 19 to attend music school. Due to her anxiety, she started music school late and felt behind, but that encouraged her to push through and focus on her music. She worked hard in the studio in 2023 and recorded her debut EP, "Growing Pains." She has plans to record her first album in Sweden in the upcoming months. Charlotte Clarke is transparent about mental health online, sharing the struggles of having anxiety as a new artist. “Yet, I Still Miss You” is her debut single, but she plans to release her second single, "Fixation" soon.

Written By Victoria James


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