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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "You Didn't Mean It" - NYRE

NYRE takes us on a journey of self-exploration and powerful introspection in her latest single, "You Didn't Mean It". This downright vibe of a dark pop tune touches on the idea that we all have an inner child to please, and maybe they come to the surface more often than we think. NYRE talks about the "little girl living in her heart" and how this little girl is undoubtedly an innocent, trusting dreamer. This is, of course, her inner child, who NYRE chooses to nurture and protect as a vital part of herself. This metaphor elegantly presents the idea that we don't have to change ourselves for others. We often see the clearest image of ourselves through the lens of our inner child. Would our ten-year-old self be proud of who we are? It's a powerful sentiment that highlights the parts of ourselves we tone down for the rest of the world.

From a musical standpoint, "You Didn't Mean It" shares that strong, mysterious feeling we might hear from artists like Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Halsey. NYRE brings so much unique energy to the dark pop genre, spinning the sound to depict that dark fairytale, cursed enchantment type of feeling. With an almost hip-hop style of beat and heavily processed vocals, "You Didn't Mean It" creates a ghostly, yet empowering ambiance that exudes self-expression and confidence. It's the kind of sound that makes it feel like the world is yours for the taking, perfectly complementing the lyrics. "You Didn't Mean It" is undoubtedly the dark pop banger of the summer.

NYRE is a dark pop artist based primarily in Toronto, ON, Canada. She is best known for her lyrical stories combined with compelling melodies that capture the mind and the soul alike. Since her debut in 2019, NYRE has made a name for herself with impressive accomplishments, including the release of her song, "Youth", which was featured on Disney+ and Hulu. She boasts over one million streams across all platforms and 50,000 streams on YouTube alone, connecting with fans from all over the world. With infinite potential, I absolutely cannot wait to see what NYRE comes out with next. "You Didn't Mean It" is available on all streaming platforms now and it's a track you don't want to miss!

Written By Shelbi Baker


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