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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "You Don't Know Me" - Cat Serrano

You Don't Know Me is the debut single from Puerto Rico's latest up-and-coming artist, Cat Serrano. The song is about getting out of a toxic relationship with a deceptive liar. Immediately, I was rooting for Serrano to 'win the breakup' after the opening lines "A little sweet and a little sour/After midnight is my golden hour/I'll fight and scream, but I still want the flowers/Cause I have the power." After I mopped up the truth tea that was just spilled, I was impressed by the pre-chorus "Oooh, I can swim in an ocean of bliss sometimes when life is good/Oooh, but you turned me into a raging sea." Damn, Cat is officially in her nautical era. The chorus showcases Serrano's strength not only as a songwriter, but as an independent woman when she sings "Cause you don't know me/But I know when you're lying/Yeah, you don't know me/So now, I'm done with the crying." Move over, Miley. There's a new wrecking ball in the pop game.

While Serrano's first single is mostly pop, there are some country and rock influences sprinkled throughout that shows how versatile the young artist is. The song's production is led by low key acoustic and electric guitar that come together with the bass-heavy drums to create a beat that makes you want to put your middle finger in the sky. However, this song would be nothing if it weren't for Serrano's beautiful soprano voice. She reminded me a lot of Olivia Rodrigo and I was brought back to the first time I heard Driver's License when Serrano was hitting those high notes on the "oooh"s of the pre-chorus. You Don't Know Me also gave me the same vibes of the classic Carrie Underwood single Before He Cheats. Though Rodrigo and Underwood both have left some big shoes to fill, I believe that Cat Serrano has done it.

Cat Serrano may only be a high school student, but she's already proved that she's going to own the music game. While You Don't Know Me is her first original song, she has spent the last year uploading covers to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and has amassed thousands of views per video. Just a few weeks ago, Serrano performed the Puerto Rican National Anthem at a Los Criollos de Caguas baseball game in LoanDepot Park and she absolutely slayed. The recently released single is accompanied by a Coco Bogles-directed music video that features the artist ripping clothes out of her former lover's closet before setting his car on fire. The music video is fantastic especially for a debut single. If she continues putting out amazing songs with stunning visuals like this, Cat Serrano will be a name the entire world knows. Stream You Don't Know Me now so you DO know her before anyone else.

Written by Jordan Elliott



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