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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "You Make Bad Things Not Suck" - Meg Smith

As the title insinuates, Meg Smith's latest single is about enjoying the presence of someone so enthusiastically that even the mundane seems not so bad. "You Make Bad Things Not Suck" describes the parts of life we all dread, such as traffic or poor weather, and how sharing these parts of life with a cherished significant other can change your outlook on these frustrating moments. What was once an extra 30-minute drive alone on the freeway can become another half hour to make memories with someone you deeply care about. The song sweetly portrays the artist's shift from the day-to-day thoughts of a pessimist to someone enjoying every minute of every day.

The artistic style of Meg Smith is a combination of the 00's girly pop aesthetic reincarnated with a matured Olivia Rodrigo twist. The intro guitar paired with the little 'Da da da das' as well as a reference made to Ashton Kutcher in the TV show "Punk'd" pays a major homage to the early 2000's. Smith transitions her voice throughout the song from a delicate tone to an intensely passionate one, not only showcasing her range but also following the musical and lyrical flow of the single. Upbeat and easily relatable, the song is easy listening for those nostalgic for the 2000's but also craving a modernized sound.

Inspired by her love of 00's rom-coms, Meg Smith's music has a nostalgic pop sound that simultaneously presents as emotional and carefree. The Brooklyn-based artist has been writing songs since she was just 12 and began playing various cafes around LA in her teen years. Now, her music is reflective of her life as a 20-something living and making music in New York. Smith has actively been releasing music to stream since 2020, with her single "Cross My Heart I Hope U Die" reaching almost 5 million streams on Spotify.

Written By Zewdi Cass

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