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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "You Play Me Like a Song" - Fran Lusty

The fear of unrequited love - loving someone deeply and not having it reciprocated - is alive and well in modernity. While researching to write my review for Fran Lusty’s "Flight of Your Mind", I stumbled upon their unfiltered Totally Wired performance of "You Play Me Like a Song" in the Brighton Electric Showroom. It was breathtaking; not only is Lusty a vision of loveliness, but their lyricism and vocal prowess made me weep for someone I have not thought about for some time. The track also provided me with some much-needed perspective on unrequited love. And I invite you all to experience the bittersweet memories the mastered single arouses.

“You Play Me Like a Song” is an indie folk-pop single that centers on the artist’s worry about potentially falling head-first into unrequited love. The song is a simile; the worry of engaging with unrequited love compares to playing a beloved song that a listener eventually grows tired of. To ensure this isn’t the case, Lusty asks: “Do you feel the same spark? / Now that you’ve played me more than once”. We forget that loving someone requires a significant deal of reassurance to and from all the parties involved. When this reassurance isn’t there, or there’s not enough of it, it leads one to wonder whether this unconditional love is still present. And this questioning comes "out of the darkness", revealing how intrusive our own thoughts can be regarding the matter. Despite Lusty not wanting "to keep [their] mouth shut", they’re fearful that saying the wrong thing or simply not saying enough will drive their love interest away. Having an unrequited love is a terrible thing to experience, but knowing others are just as cautious of it as I am makes me hopeful for a dating landscape that's conscientious of others emotional well-being.

London-based singer and songwriter Fran Lusty is currently working on their debut album. The album showcases a mixture of the artist’s muses; the soft vocal delivery of Damien Rice and impeccable storytelling from Virginia Woolf. I am envious of fans in London and its surrounding areas: Lusty has upcoming live performances scheduled. The first performance is for the London Music Showcase Festival on November 13th at Hope and Anchor - Islington. Doors open at 3:30 PM, and the festival kicks off with Lusty's performance at 4:00 PM. The second performance is for the Ellie M. - EP Launch Party on December 6th at the Paper Dress Vintage. The party begins at 7:30 PM. But if you find yourself unable to attend either, virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows is always appreciated, too.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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