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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "You're Not A God" - Jade LeMac

This song, “You’re Not A God,” by artist Jade LeMac is all about that person you know who thinks they’re so much better and more powerful than they really are. Written as a middle finger to the type of people who think they can just push others around, this song gives power to those who are the ones being pushed. Everyone has met someone like this; someone who struts around and likes to pretend that everyone around them is so inferior to them and that they’re doing a favor by granting everyone with their presence. Well, Jade LeMac knocks those people down a peg by hitting right to the root of the issue with her snarky lyrics and the title of the song itself. You may think that you’re a god, but you’re really just the same as everyone else.

“You’re Not A Good” is a sultry, electronically textured track that beats a rhythmic pulse for the whole three minutes that you’re glued listening to it. The song starts with a simple instrumental that’s broken up by the heavy hitting of the bass as Jade LeMac’s breathy and smooth vocals draw you into the first verse. Momentum builds up to the chorus with echoing vocals and a louder beat, before the chorus breaks through with a faster pace and a bouncier melody. This pattern repeats with the second verse and the second rendition of the chorus before the tension rises in the hurried and attitude-heavy bridge. The song ends with another repeat of the chorus with richer instrumentals and added layers of vocals, rounding out the track and establishing “You’re Not A God” as an instant repeat!

Jade LeMac is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Vancouver, Canada. At only nineteen years old, she’s gathered an impressive crowd of fans due to her creativity and her unique storytelling in her music. Her connection with the 2SLGBTQ+ community and her pride in her half-Asian heritage have influenced her approach to the way she makes her music and helps her transcend what the normal boundaries of genres are. She’s been writing songs since she was in middle school, and made her first breakthrough on TikTok in 2020, amassing over a million followers and fifty million likes. She released her first EP, “Confessions”, in February of 2023 and has recently released her second EP, “Confessions”, on November 3rd. Use the links below to explore more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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