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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "You Will Never See This" - Sabreen Islam

If you ever had your heart broken and you're wide awake at 1:22AM thinking 'I need a new song to recollect my thoughts,' "You Will Never See This," by Sabreen Islam is definitely the song to choose. With its beautiful, soft vocals and lyrics, combined with its catchy and upbeat accompaniment, it molds this 'heart-broken' song into an anthem. Granting the listeners the opportunity to foresee the beauty in themselves and to be more self-confident.

Sabreen Islam's new song, "You Will Never See This," is a beautifully written song that gives people going through break-ups and heart breaks the empowerment to keep moving forward. Even with a soft and delicate voice Sabreen provides a rich and confident voice, truly providing the love and empathy to those who listen, to share or support the same pain, a heartbreak. The instruments used in this song were very catchy and intense, truly captivating the listener and dramatizing/changing volume and speed at points where there was a verse or the chorus. To whomever this song is meant for, the audience hopes you see this!

Sabreen Islam is a Nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. Charming live audiences across her home in New Zealand, with her tuneful, catchy melodies, confessional and deeply personal lyrics, Sabreen is now ready to share her music all over the world. Sabreen Islam is an artist to watch in the coming years so be sure to follow her socials down below to keep up-to-date on her journey!

Written By Troy Sica



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