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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "your house, my house" - philine

This song, “your house, my house” by philine, is an indie pop song all about the difficulty of moving on from a difficult relationship. Written about a relationship that seemed to go back and forth even after it was over, philine tackles the topic of when you can’t quite get away from someone. You try to move on, you try to be friends, but you always end up slipping back into being with them even when you know it’s not good for either of you. With lyrics like “I don’t really know the vibe these days, we could use a little time away” and “I don’t want to fake a friendship just to end up in your bed,” she hits the nail on the head. It can be easier at the time to try and hang onto this person however you can, because you loved them at some point and don’t want to lose them. But most of the time, you need a break because it’s all too easy to slip back into bad habits.

Starting right off the bat with a rhythmic guitar strum and vocals, “your house, my house” drops you right into the first verse and into the action. Philine’s vocals are highlighted throughout the whole song, her smooth croon laid on top of the upbeat track. The percussion picks up pace in the chorus, providing a consistent beat that has you nodding your head and tapping your foot. As the song continues, the tension rises as more instrumentals are added in layers, reaching a peak close to the end of the three and a half minutes. Philine’s voice is the only thing left when the song closes out. Overall, “your house, my house” is a catchy, smooth song perfect for everyone’s daily playlist! It’s already added on mine, and I plan to put it on repeat!

Philine is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter originally from the Netherlands. Citing her wild imagination as the hook for her songs, it’s her stories, her lyrics, and her smooth, soft voice that has helped her collect the impressive amount of fans she has. Her stories create magic, and the combination of vulnerability and catchiness has helped her create her unique place in the music world. She released her first single, “Gone,” in 2020, and has since released several more singles and EP’s, including “Somewhere Else” in 2021 and “so sick of myself” in 2023. “Your house, my house” is her newest release, and you can use the links below to listen to it and explore her other music as well!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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