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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Your Love" - Faith Louise

Faith Louise has released yet another vocally stunning track, “Your Love”. This song can feel hopeful in a way that something is going to change and love is going to come and be real. While talking about her new single, Faith says “ Your Love for me was about how being in love truly makes you feel. Although many would have experienced bad relationships a lot of us have experienced great ones. This song explains how every element of a person can transform you and make you feel great about yourself, and I really hope people can relate to this". This song is upbeat and inspiring, and makes you want to find what you are destined for.

Empowering lyrics aside, Faith has presented us with an upbeat and powerful song. “Your Love” really gets your body moving and makes you feel ready to dance. Starting with Faith's smooth voice, this song builds on itself by slowly adding in a catchy beat. This beat has a spunky vibe that keeps you engaged throughout, whether it is your first listen or the eighth time you have had it on repeat. "Your Love" is ready to be your summer pop anthem; with its energetic nature, Faith has the power to slow us back down to take a breath before we are launched into this amazing groove. Faith pulls you into her song and it is hard to find an out when you can give it a listen any time of day; this song could be listened to at the club, or just simply jamming out in your room.

Faith Louise, is a young and gifted Singer/Songwriter. At the age of 18, she has already released 8 singles that continue to leave her fans wanting more, and they have made this clear with Faiths music reaching over half a million online streams. This pop singer from Essex has only just begun her career. Her musical talent is exciting and allows us to be ready for what she has to bring to the table in the future. With an array of summer show dates you will want to make sure to listen to “Your Love” and all of Faith Louise's other singles this summer! Also make sure to stay up to date with this young artist and give her a follow below!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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