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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Salt" by Estella Dawn

“Nothing comes easy.” Isn’t it ironic that as kids, we couldn't wait to turn 18? Learning to drive, winning the lottery, and all the “perks” of adulthood were right in our fingertips. But nothing could prepare us for the mental and emotional hitting of rock bottom. Life throws its punches and blocking them can be like fighting a ghost. ‘Salt’ by Estella Dawn recognizes the lack of control we feel in those moments. It also acknowledges the compounding impact of the world on our well-being. Challenges and coping strategies will differ for each person, but we’re all just trying our best. That's what counts!

The underlying analogy of wolves to piling stressors is an impressive depiction of various coping mechanisms. When our inner wolves are on the hunt, you can either blend in and lose yourself or run away and flee from your problems. That catch-22 is incredibly validating, and the rest of her lyrics do the same! A catchy beat is made even stronger by Estella’s fierce, agile vocals. A stripped-down bridge with piano and strings allows her to intimately express her pent-up frustrations. Relaying a passionate message with such raw emotion and charisma, this blooming queen of pop deserves an encore!

The New Zealand born, U.S.-based pop artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist has a deep creative well that feeds her ambitious vision. Often writing about empowerment and confidence, her music has landed her on the media base Radio Top 40 chart and several major Spotify playlists. Her work has been compared to outstanding female pop icons like P!nk, Halsey and Sia. Her new single ‘Salt’ spearheads a full-length album due later this year. Her next single ‘Buzz Cut’ comes out in March so stay tuned for that!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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