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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Smile, It's Over :)" by Only Bricks

Wanna add a sassy melody to your playlist? ‘Smile, It’s Over :)' by Only Bricks is an upbeat, yet brutally honest song about sealing doors shut that aren’t meant for you. It's also a statement on leaving the corporate workforce for more fulfilling opportunities. It's not often that we consider the exhilarating side of moving on. Instead of focusing on what we lost, we can flip the script and honor the life transitions that we go through! You’ll be mesmerized by how relatable this 90s punk-inspired pop/rock ballad is!

Swift piano playing blends seamlessly with a powerful guitar to create an idyllic setting for the listener. There’s a healthy dose of 1-2 punch lines, each one as heavy hitting as a WWE wrestler. The "please keep in touch at 1-800-You-Can-Suck-It" telephone call is the epitome of comedy GOLD. The passionate sarcasm in the vocals shows the carefree attitude you can have when you leave past situations behind! Then that closure is finalized in the bridge! Full of sassy moments and ingenious lyrics, there’s nothing more to ask for except to put this song on loop and get a decisive powerup!

Wife Anne DiGiovanni is lead vocalist and husband Joseph Lewczak is guitarist in the extraordinary duo Only Bricks. Their name is inspired by a lyric from The Vamps’ song ‘Risk It All’ and they put it all out there in life, love and music. Their career launched in early 2018 when they released their debut EP ‘Foundation’ from Santa Monica, CA. With unapologetically melodic hooks and guaranteed, uplifting energy, they beautifully merge pop, rock and dance music. They particularly enjoy writing from unique perspectives on heartache and lovesickness. ‘Smile, It’s Over :)' is the couple’s latest release and they’ve got plenty more on their roster! Go follow these outstanding lovebirds!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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