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  • Hailey Schap

"Sonic Boom" - Ryan McCormick

Ryan McCormick Sonic Boom Cover Art

“Sonic Boom" is Ryan McCormick’s latest release, a single expressing the need to not be such. The song focuses on a specific relationship, recalling its early days which inherently created the later ones. Immediate love is exactly what it sounds like, the second he saw this person it was felt. The concept of soulmates and love at first sight is often lost in modern pop love songs, McCormick brings it back and integrates it into the modern genre. The excitement, fear, and complete obsession that comes from finding an instant connection is perfectly expressed in "Sonic Boom".

The song begins with a distant, upbeat guitar, sounding like a movie soundtrack- which is fitting for the story of something so many label as fantastical. McCormick manages to make the instrumentals heavier and more acoustic oriented, yet, sound entirely more pop by the moment. His voice works the same, perfectly suited to his genre. The vocals are introduced in the form of the beginning of his story, chronological recording the first moment he laid eyes on the one he sings to, a necessary start to a tale so quick. It's passionate and recognizable, allowing for an emotional relatability to be determined not only in his lyrics, but at the very core of his voice. His voice is used later as an instrument, and as a piece to emphasize such, his composition as a whole and attention to detail allows the song to be as monumental as it feels on a fundamental level. 

That relatability, found so intimately in “Sonic Boom”, is the face of Ryan’s motivation as a songwriter. He’s incredibly audience based, focusing on his connection to them first. His closeness with the friends and family, particularly his mother, which he writes his songs for is an admirable use of such talent. “Sonic Boom” is his only recorded release so far, but it has already acquired over 4k streams on Spotify and is gaining attention every minute it's been released. And it has certainly earned such attention, Mccormick began writing songs such as this two years ago, simply exploring his skill in his bedroom- not with intent but with imagination of what it could become. Ryan McCormick is a voracious traveler, finding such explorations in his career as a pilot, but his songs seem to travel much farther and are soon to garner world wide notice. Follow him below and stream “Sonic Boom” now.

Written By Hailey Schap



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