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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Stars Still Dying" - Clea Anaïs

‘Stars Still Dying’ by Clea Anaïs has the energy of a pop song, but the words of a love letter to their father who passed away. When you lose someone, it’s like you’re “resting in the pain you’re living.” That’s totally okay! Grief is like a chameleon. You never know what emotions will come out. This song helps you to feel everything that’s welled up inside of you. It’s also a beautiful way to express love and appreciation for the people in your life, even after they’re gone.

A nice dose of saxophone gives the song a jazzy, nostalgic groove that pairs well with some incredibly heart-rending lyrics. “The first breath is arresting, we don’t all come full circle at the turn of time.” This melancholy tone blends well with Anaïs’s elegant, uplifting vocals. Together, they take you through the layers of emotions associated with grief! Dreamy drumbeats are like soothing pain relievers for your soul. You’ll definitely want to unwind in the serenity of the moment! It’s a great time to grab a seat by the fireplace and just VIBE.

The multi-ethnic Canadian artist has worked with numerous groups as part of the award-winning Alternative band RALEIGH. Now pursuing a solo career, they’re dedicated to writing emotionally intelligent works that showcase all the areas of their artistry. Their genre-defying, evocative creations allow listeners to take a moment to rejuvenate their aching spirits. ‘Stars Still Dying’ is Anaïs's third single and it's now available for streaming! Be on the lookout for their much anticipated solo album!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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