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  • Emily Hancock

"Teach U How 2 Love Me" - Holly Curran

“Teach U How 2 Love Me” is the epitome of a feel-good song. It’s impossible not to dance to this groovy hit when you hear it. This song talks about showing someone in a relationship how to love you the way you want to be loved– and does so in a disco-like way. The throwback type vibes of this hit are immaculate, you feel like you’re back in the 70’s listening to ‘this weeks top disco artist’ when you hear the song. This is the perfect tune to listen to on a night out on the town with some friends.

Curran’s hit song starts off with some fabulous electric beats and then features Curran’s vocals right after. Curran expertly combines vintage sounding vocals with pop lyrics to create a groovy retro-pop vibe. Holly’s singing really shines through later in the song as she sings solo with no background. Her vocals are focused in a higher range of singing and she hits her notes with ease, creating an effortless sounding voice. “Teach U How 2 Love Me” also includes backup singing that is the perfect touch to make the song have that 70’s disco-pop feel.

"Teach U How 2 Love Me” was released as a part of Holly’s first EP, Chapstick in 2022. She currently has 2 other singles released as well. Holly is an experienced actor, singer, and songwriter and can also play guitar and ukulele­– talk about multi-talented! The up-and-coming artist hasn’t released any upcoming projects yet, but we can expect more great, upbeat, and groovy tunes from Holly! If you liked “Teach U How 2 Love Me”, check out the rest of her EP to hear more iconic jams!

Written By Emily Hancock



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