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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Time Is Your Own" by Robin Shaw

Do you find yourself losing track of time? You may get stuck in a cycle of monotonous daily routines. You could be lying in bed romanticizing the past to escape the present. Or sometimes you want to start a new project or lifestyle, but instead you procrastinate and leave it to your future self. Then, you continue to push it off. If I just mentioned a point that resonates with you, then ‘Time Is Your Own’ by Robin Shaw is a timeless reminder for you. “I’m gonna distance myself and give myself some space; no more walking around, time to pick up the pace”. The message of the song is that life is what you make it, so start today! Who do YOU want to be?

The eclectic feel of the song is like a breath of fresh air.“ So I stop this again, I ran out of ink; I’ll go chase my pen and it’s time to think”. Shaw’s storytelling is phenomenal. Witty lyrics inspire vibrant imagery in the minds of listeners. It’s almost chant-like with Shaw’s easily singable vocals. A blend of acoustic guitar and a reverbed metronome flavor the song with an alt-pop seasoning. An outro with the title lyric brings one last piece of advice: live on YOUR time. This song is a wake-up call from the distractions of work, school or other structured time we have each week. Experiment with your passions and make time for them!

Robin Shaw is a dedicated, self-taught singer-songwriter who's all about variety and outside-the-box storytelling. He grew up listening to R&B and Hip-Hop music as a teen. At 16, he started out as a street dancer in East Anglia and London and competed on Britain’s Got Talent and other talent shows. Several years later, he shifted gears toward independent artistry. Having always enjoyed wordplay and literature, he brings vivid imagery to life with his lyrics. The best part? He was able to establish his presence in the music industry without a musical background. That’s an impressive feat! He’s living proof that if you pursue your passions, you can achieve anything!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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