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  • Nicholas Joubert


You don't know what you've got until its lost. That famous old saying which most of us do not understand until it is "TOO LATE". Who gives out second chances? Some of us do and maybe it works out, but for XOHA that boy did her real bad and now its "Too Late". The song is about a girl who is always there for her (I assume) now ex boyfriend. No one likes waiting for someone who struggles to make up their mind. "Boy you're too late" as her lyrics goes, is pretty self explanatory.

This electro pop track features XOHA's strong vocals really well and showcases her talent. From the get go this upbeat track features her vocals and as the song builds towards the chorus, you're intrigued by her energy. If you listen critically, you will soon realize that vocally, she has great technique and skill to produce the perfect sound for her brand. She writes from the perspective of a strong female figure, concealing the confident punch that is packed within the track. You go girl, own your power!

This teen pop singer is no stranger to the music industry. Since 5 years old, music and performing has been a part of her life. Over the years, she was selected to perform at school events, talent shows and was often chosen as the lead in school musicals, in addition to performing at many outside opportunities. In conjunction with her talent for music, she is a natural born writer, which opened the door to songwriting for her. This assists her greatly and sets her apart. At such a young age, XOHA is already reaching for the stars and hopes to utilize her platform to inspire positive change. At her core, she believes musicians can both entertain and use their platform to bring about transformation. Well done on a great track and we are excited to see what lies ahead for you in your career.

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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