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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Tuff" by VASSY and GT_Ofice

Pushing through hard times? “When they hit you hard, you gotta roll with the punches.” When you listen to ‘Tuff’ by VASSY and GT_Ofice, you’ll press forward with renewed resilience! It’s a wonderful narrative of perseverance that’s sprinkled with fairy dust. When we’re consumed with our stresses, we often forget what we’ve already overcome. You’ve already been through an amazing number of challenges and you’re still here! You are stronger than you think we are!

The song starts with majestic, unmistakable vocals from VASSY that immediately grab your attention. She’s like your personal hype person who’s been there for you from day one! The most powerful melodies in the song are matched by an equally vibrant slew of instruments. You become unstoppable by essentially shouting “I’ve got this!” to your times of strife. Inspiring lyricism combines with energetic EDM to create an electro-pop production that sets off fireworks in your mind! You’ve won the fight!

Australian singer-songwriter VASSY and Miami-based producer GT_Ofice are a picture-perfect pairing. The former has gone multi-Platinum and has topped the U.S. Contemporary Dance charts an impressive 8 times. The latter has charted internationally and loves collaborating with emerging talent. The two agreed to make a record together after becoming fans of each other’s work. Their chemistry is truly authentic, and it shines through on ‘Tuff’. They’ve each got an abundance of hit music offerings, so you can’t go wrong with these superstars!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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