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  • Kevin Rodriguez


“I buried my heart in worst enemy; now Avril’s on the radio, takes me back to 15 years ago.” As adults, we don’t realize how good we had it until we lose it. 'UNCOMPLICATED' by RØRY started as a comment on one of Avril Lavigne’s TikTok videos, but it evolved into a sentimental, emotional ballad about missing your simpler, more exhilarating teen years. The convolutions linked to today’s world pile up so high, it’s exhausting to even think about. This song provides an outlet to release those frustrations and comfort your anxious mind.

RØRY’s got a knack for storytelling that is undeniably sincere. “Now it’s another damn day and another diagnosis; you get used to the pain when you get my kind of hopeless.” Each set of lyrics is a delicious slice of poetic ingenuity! This artist beautifully contrasts the golden, carefree attitude of adolescence with darker adult themes stemming from mental illness and unfortunate events. A fast tempo sets up an upbeat pop-punk ambience, cemented by distorted electric guitars and speedy power chord changes. RØRY’s powerhouse vocals are the icing on this irresistible music cake!

Believe it or not, RØRY is no stranger to songwriting. Her full name is Roxanne Emery, but in 2018, when she got sober, she removed the middle of her name to represent the time she had lost to addiction and mental health struggles. The UK star has written music with Charli XCX, Saweetie, All-American Rejects, and other well-known artists. She’s also penned three top ten hits in the past few years. As a pop-punk singer/songwriter, her style fuses 00s emo pop-punk with the new waves of contemporary pop. 'UNCOMPLICATED' is RØRY's most recent single. Her debut EP is slated for release later this year, so stay tuned!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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